West Eugene Wetland Center

The West Eugene Wetlands Education Center will build a framework for learners to embark on their quest for knowledge and understanding of wetland ecology. The Center is located in the watershed of the Long Tom River, a major tributary of the Willamette River. The West Eugene Wetlands comprise 3,000 acres of rare habitat, protected and restored by the West Eugene Wetlands Partnership, a unique partnership of state, federal and private agencies. GreenWorks is providing landscape architectural services for the design of the center using the highest standards of sustainability. Moving beyond the requirements of LEED Platinum Certification, we are looking at how to restore and enhance the site for wildlife and plants, including the endangered Fender’s Blue Butterfly and Kincaid’s Lupine. Restoration of the disturbed upland habitats and sensitive design will provide a balance between protected habitat and thriving human activity and commerce. The site design includes plaza entry areas, green roofs, parking lots, site circulation, trails, and interpretive areas.