Independence Fountain

GreenWorks designed and supervised the construction of a new fountain as the finishing touch to a street level plaza for the City of Independence. The newly constructed street level plaza was part of a Public Amphitheatre project, which was also designed by GreenWorks. The fountain serves as the public face of the Amphitheatre and as an integral part of the streetscape. It provides a focal point for the street level plaza and announces one’s arrival to the City of Independence. The fountain design includes a custom cast bronze bowl on a pre-cast concrete pedestal within a set of tiered concentric basins faced with brick. Water flows from a single jet in the bronze bowl overflowing into the basins that are linked by spillways. The lower basin incorporates a stainless steel sign inscribed with the words “City of Independence”. The tops of each basin wall incorporate a pre-cast concrete cap that serves as seating and allows the Citizens of Independence to sit and feel the water.

independence fountain.JPG