Tigard River Terrace

GreenWorks assisted the City of Tigard to develop a vision for the new main street in the River Terrace community. The new center spine of the community, which is parallel to and east of Roy Rogers Road, is envisioned as a boulevard that seamlessly integrates the River Terrace Trail into its design, provides safe and comfortable multi-modal travel options, and includes high-quality pedestrian-scale design treatments that define it as the neighborhood’s signature street. In order to successfully balance mobility with safety and comfort, it is important to control speeds along this street through a variety of design approaches that facilitate through travel but discourage cut-through traffic. Residential parking and access needs were carefully considered during the design process, including, at a minimum, an evaluation of how any proposed parking and access would impact trail users, vehicular travel speeds and volumes, and subdivision design (e.g. block length and orientation of dwelling units). The overall design of the street will serve to enhance the neighborhood and the adjacent residences without being a barrier to those who will live on either side of it in the future.