Reed's Crossing

Drone shot from 400 feet up of new suburb under construction with patchy clouds

GreenWorks has been working collaboratively with Newland Communities to design a 23-acre greenway at Reed’s Crossing, a master planned community in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The greenway links both the community internally and adjacent neighborhoods by the multi-modal trail network traversing the site. The greenway also supports riparian habitat, passive and active recreation, and open space preservation. In addition to the greenway itself, GreenWorks has designed several parks within the community, including Discovery Park, where residents and students from Hillsboro School District can experience STEM/STEAM learning and nature-based play.

GreenWorks provided conceptual design services for park and open space development, including planting plans, tree preservation and park diagrams, and an extensive bike and pedestrian trail design. 

Reed’s Crossing is a 463 acre mixed-use community that includes over 4,000 new homes of various types. The project will implement a natural area utilized for stormwater management and public open space for the community. The 20-acre natural area will encompass a variety of ecotones including oak savanna prairie, grass prairie, and wet meadow.

GreenWorks continues to work with Newland Communities by furthering conceptual designs and planting plans, developing grading plans for each concept, estimating potential costs, and strategizing on phasing and maintenance for the project.

Oak trees in meadow during spring sunny day
overexposed photo of metal picnic shelter on sunny day
logs and stumps form a playground in front of a dormant oak tree

GreenWorks partnered with Newland from concept through permitting and construction documentation. Throughout the process and during construction, Newland Communities depended on GreenWorks’ construction manager Sean Stroup to oversee and coordinate the construction of the greenway, as well as the streetscape design. Sean exceeded expectations by saving Newland Communities thousands of dollars in irrigation system costs by finding alternatives and reducing the number of irrigation heads needed in the design.

“Reed’s Crossing seamlessly integrates the natural and built environments for the people who will one day call it home.” - Newland Communities

Tasks Performed by GreenWorks:

  • Project management

  • Public involvement

  • Master planning

  • Conceptual design

  • Graphic renderings

  • Site design

  • Coordinating permitting

  • Habitat enhancements

  • Cost estimating

  • Construction documents

  • Construction management


Conceptual Visualization

reed’s crossing conceptual drawing of central rectangular stormwater greenspace with trails and homes surrounding

reed’s crossing conceptual drawing of central rectangular stormwater greenspace with trails and homes surrounding