Lake Stevens North Cove Park

GreenWorks is providing master planning and design services for the North Cove Park project in Lake Stevens, Washington as a sub to Crandall Arambula. GreenWorks prepared an opportunities assessment on the existing open spaces including facilities along the shoreline of Lake Stevens, the Boat Launch, creek, and wetlands within the study area. GreenWorks also prepared a conceptual park and trail network design comprised of three park concepts for the North Cove Park and Lake Stevens Creek that build off the historic Lake Stevens and potential waterfront tourism destination. These conceptual plans consider integrating existing recreation uses such as rowing and boating; address both active and passive uses within the park and propose spaces for large community gatherings such as concerts, festivals, or farmers markets; enhance visual access to the Lake from Main Street; provide for additional amenities that complement the Lake Stevens waterfront and existing North Cove park, including urban plaza, greenways and other civic gathering spaces that support the area retail, housing and employment; and improve wetland and natural areas through wildlife or native planting water quality corridors to strengthen existing Lake Stevens, Catherine Creek, and other natural areas.