Independence Parks Projects & System Plan


Over the last decade, GreenWorks has built a strong relationship with the City of Independence, providing services on a number of projects related to open space along the riverfront.
GreenWorks provided design coordination for the City of Independence’s Downtown Revitalization project. GreenWorks went on to provide conceptual design, construction documents, and construction observation for the downtown Amphitheater, Veteran’s Memorial, and Fountain at Riverview Park along the Willamette River.

GreenWorks provided cost estimates, stakeholder presentations, and constructability reviews. Project goals included the use of local or recycled materials where possible, preservation of existing vegetation, reduced water consumption, the use native plants, control of erosion, and reduced stormwater runoff. GreenWorks met with local citizens and veterans and developed a design that relocated the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial to increase its visual presence in downtown. The new plaza and amphitheater facility has been embraced by the community and has become a major public venue for events drawing visitors from all across the Willamette Valley.

GreenWorks was then contracted with the City of Independence to update the Parks and Open Space System Plan. The plan assessed the changing recreational needs of the larger, more diverse population while also incorporating modern recreational trends. The plan also developed a new list of goals and tasks to ensure that the City can provide for the future recreational needs of the community.

Most recently, GreenWorks  redesigned a 30-acre baseball complex plan into the Independence Soccer Complex. The project’s initial phase of two soccer fields was completed in 2015.  The site also provides access to the city’s public boat launch and dock and the north end of the extended waterfront park property that links to downtown.