Washougal Waterfront Nature Play Area

Eegah the Sasquatch pulls erric the erratic boulder at washougal waterfront nature play area
Children play on sasquatch statue named “Eegah”

GreenWorks was hired by The Port of Camas-Washougal to design a new nature play area adjacent to the Columbia River. The play area is a highlight along a mile-long trail that begins at Washougal Waterfront Park and meanders along the shoreline of the Columbia River. The design for the playground encompasses a broad spectrum of play experiences for children of all ages and abilities using natural materials to encourage physical, social, and exploratory play.

The focal point of the play is a large erratic boulder nicknamed “Erric the Erratic” which is a remnant from the Ice Age Floods. Other components include an embankment slide, musical instruments, log climbers, and a discovery trail that winds through the forest. The Conceptual Design Alternatives were recently prepared and presented to the Port with final concept completed in January of 2017. The park opened to the public on June 7th!

A computer generated 3d design depicting Children Playing sasquatch eegah and Erric the Erratic
Children climb on a Rope Stretching between Sasquatch Eegah and Erric the Erratic Boulder