Lincoln City Park System Master Plan

The Lincoln City Park System Plan is a city-wide effort to update the city’s master plan for parks, recreation, and open spaces. Work includes a review of existing parks, open spaces, and facilities; design, at a conceptual level, improvements that will increase recreational value and sustainability, and minimize required maintenance; recommendations for new parks and recreation facilities for developing and under-served areas; recommendations for viable new recreational facilities for attracting and retaining tourists throughout the year (including the “off-season”); and providing cost estimating of capital, operations, and maintenance costs for all recommended improvements and recommend strategies for financing. The system plan is intended for the next 20 years of growth for the City of Lincoln City. With a current population of 8400 and a geographic area of 5.68 square miles, the city swells to a summer population of 30,000 to 35,000 visitors. The system plan will accommodate full-time residents of the city as well as catering to the tourist population that drives a significant part of the City’s economy.