TriMet Lightrail Station Redevelopment at Rockwood

GreenWorks provided conceptual planning and design for the redevelopment of TriMet’s Light Rail station at East 188th Street in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham, Oregon. A neighborhood in transition, Rockwood is part of Gresham’s first Urban Renewal Area. The 188th station in particular has the highest number of riders in the city. Station redesign focused on attracting redevelopment in the area through improvements to the 188th and East Burnside intersection, expanded access and capacity of the stations, pedestrian-oriented facilities, user safety, visibility and CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) design. The station design exceeded the local stormwater requirements and incorporated infiltration planters adjacent to the platforms as a terminus for the platforms. The approved design incorporated significant redevelopment of the transit platforms, shelters, trackways, signage, landscape plantings and other features. Final presentation drawings and perspective sketches were prepared and presented to the Urban Renewal Commission.

RockwoodStation_ Looking East 2_reduced.jpg