Reed's Crossing Dobbin Park


Greenworks has been working with Newland Communities on the 460-acre development Reed’s Crossing. Reed’s Crossing is comprised of public and private parks. One of the private parks is Dobbin Park and it is located south of the Greenway and a large wetland. The name, Dobbin, was derived from the last farmer that is still working portions of the land not currently being developed. This 0.5 acre park pays homage to Dobbin by incorporating a barn-like play structure for kids of all ages and abilities. Dobbin Park supports both active and passive recreation where people can recreate in the open lawn, take their dogs on stroll around the paths that circle the park or just relax under the shade of a preserved oak. Dobbin Park is an all ages park that has activities from little ones to grandparents and furry friends.

GreenWorks worked on concepts through permitting. This park is still under review for final permit. Construction is planned for early spring 2019.